Saheer Umar and Asya Gorbacheva are a visual artist-duo from NYC. The collaboration started in 2016 with a shared practice using photography and film to tell stories; blurring the lines between fact, fiction and fantasy. Unearthing political, social and emotional significance in the mundane became the core of their practice. Their still life photographic projects look at materiality, shape and light as entry points for visualizing forces impacting personal, social, political, environmental and cultural life today.

Their work has been recognized by “Unsigned” - (BBH) (Class of 2020 Alumnae) and The Stay Home Still Life project (TFW). They are American Photography 37 chosen winners. 

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Represented by Glaz Gallery, Moscow

Instagram: @saheerandasya

Commercial portfolio by request. For commision film/video projects please see creative studio
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